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exercise is good for our health

你好! 锻炼使我们的身体健康 Exercise make our body healthy

翻译是:Because it can exercise our body, let us become strong, and not easy to fall ill. 句子解释: because 英[bɪˈkɒz] 美[bɪˈkɔ:z] conj. 因为; [例句]He is called Mitch, because his name is Mitchel...

首先分析一下这个句子“健康饮食对我们的身体有好处”,就是一个简单的句子。主语+谓语+宾语。 其次就是短语翻译以及把握句子整体结构来选择句型。“健康饮食”翻译就是“eating healthy food”或者“Keeping a healthy diet”都是可以的;“对。。。有好...

sports and health 1. 要有健全的头脑,2. 就应有健全的身体。 3. 要想身体好,4. 体育锻炼是最好的方法。 5. 我要积极参加体育锻炼,6. 有个好体魄。 a healthy body is necessary for a healthy mind. as is known, to have a sound mind, we ...

to see if there is something wrong with you

蔬菜对我们的身体有好处 译文:Vegetables good for us.

Exercises can make us much more stronger.

除此之外,手机会对我们的身体,学习造成危害。 英语是: In addition, the phone will cause harm to our body and learning. 句子解释: in addition 英[in əˈdiʃən] 美[ɪn əˈdɪʃən] adv. ...

Let's (take) exercise together for good health / for a strong/good body. Let's (take) exercise together to have good health/ to have a strong/good body.

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