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最常用,最普通的:meeting 泛指一切会议 conference: 定期例行召开的会义,如年会 seminare: 学术性的研讨会

组织会议 organize a conference . I've been saddled with the job of organizing the conference. 组织会议这件倒霉事交给我了.

首次会议 First meeting 首次会议 First meeting

call a conference 召集一个会议 望采纳

meeting room指很普通的会议室 conference roon要高级一点 大一点的可以叫auditorium,主要指那种大的报告厅 如果一幢楼都是的话,可以叫Summit Hall,主要指峰会。

专题会议的英文 Special Sessions 有关方面围绕改革的需要展开了数项研究,举行了多种专题会议,听取专家意见和举行听证。 Several studies were commissioned, and a variety of panels heard expert witnesses and took testimony about the n...

Welcome you all to this meeting. Let me first introduce each of us. Sitting on my left is Mr xx. To his left is Mr xx. ... Sitting on my right is Mr xxx. To his right is ... The purpose of today's meeting is to discuss ...

全体会议 plenary session plenary meeting full council 参考词典


会议预约 Conference reservation 预约 [词典] make an appointment; order; subscribe; bespeak; bespoke; [例句]他只根据预约会客。 He will only see visitors by appointment.

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