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专题会议的英文 Special Sessions 有关方面围绕改革的需要展开了数项研究,举行了多种专题会议,听取专家意见和举行听证。 Several studies were commissioned, and a variety of panels heard expert witnesses and took testimony about the n...

会议召开 英文翻译 Conference Date;

A meeting will be hold tomorrow. 被动更客观。

①synodal adj. 宗教会议的,教会会议的,会议的 ②conciliar [k??n'sili??] adj. 会议的 ③congressional [k??n'gre???? n??l] adj. 会议的,议会的,国会的 ④ conference ['k??nf??r??ns] n. 1. 会议;讨论会;协商会 2. 议会两院的议员或委员会议(尤...

I have an urgent meeting.

1 to attend a meeting; 2 to take part in a meeting; 3 to participate in a conference

会议纪要 翻译为:Meeting minutes 【附】 会议纪要是用于记载、传达会议情况和议定事项的公文。它不同于会议记录,对企事业单位、机关团体都适用。会议纪要是记载和传达会议情况和议定事项时使用的一种法定公文。它的行文方向比较灵活,可以是...

meeting expense

The meeting which should be hold at 3:00pm shall be cancelled,and we feel sorry for the inconvinent caused,will let you know once confirmed,thanks.

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