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首次会议 First meeting 首次会议 First meeting

组织会议 organize a conference . I've been saddled with the job of organizing the conference. 组织会议这件倒霉事交给我了.

call a conference 召集一个会议 望采纳

Sorry that the meeting will be cancelled due to the reason of xxxx. A new meeting invitation will be sent out later. Thank you for your understanding!

全体会议 plenary session plenary meeting full council 参考词典

专题会议的英文 Special Sessions 有关方面围绕改革的需要展开了数项研究,举行了多种专题会议,听取专家意见和举行听证。 Several studies were commissioned, and a variety of panels heard expert witnesses and took testimony about the n...

会议召开 英文翻译 Conference Date;

最常用,最普通的:meeting 泛指一切会议 conference: 定期例行召开的会义,如年会 seminare: 学术性的研讨会

main meeting room大 Reception Room 小 简单点的就是带上编号,比如meeting room one, meeting room two 希望对您有所帮助! 祝您成功!

meeting room, conference room 主要就是这两种。。。

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