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麻烦翻译成英文 本人因要去医院看病,申请休病假半天

本人因要去医院看病,申请休病假半天 I apply for going to the hospital for sick leave half a day

Need to take a day off on Monday because of illness, and another half-day leave will be needed on Thursday afternoon for rechecking in the hospital. Thanks!

Thank you for your eamil. I will be on sick leave from 26th to 27th, Jan. If there is any urgency, please call my mobile.

手工翻译,希望对你有帮助。眼角膜移植:corneal transplantation 眼角膜移植手术:corneal transplantation and operation 你做了眼角膜手术需要注意保护自己的眼睛,多问下医院做了眼角膜手术之后,有没有后遗症,现在医院很黑的,自己多当心...

school(请假条) 某某人因为什么事情不能工作了,(So-and-so because something can't work)。 (这里写时间)例如:2012年6月26日(On June 26, 2012) 请假人:(Leave people:)(写上姓名)

I want to take a sick leave. My wrist is hurt. 我要请病假,我的手腕受伤了

This morning, I feel uncomfortable, so I went to the hospital, the doctors said I was cold to rest at home for three days, so I can not go to the company three days to work, very sorry! I want Xiao Li can substitute me for the ...


I took three days off for a sick leave last week because of a bad cold.

我想申请一天病假去看皮肤科,的翻译是:I want to apply for a day sick leave to see dermatology

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