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请高手帮忙把下面翻译成英语,谢谢 这个世界上没有...

A world without a time machine, has become a memory of the past, we have to face the present and the future smile

From now on,please don't send those products which are without the assessment and approve directly to our factory to get into the normal procedures,because those are easy to mix with our qualified products, meanwhile it would...

首先,这个返回的频率最多是一周一回。=>正确的翻译为: Firstly, frequencies return once a week mostly. 在此提醒,英语翻译要用人翻比较准确,不能用机器来,那样根本就不准确的。 【记得采纳?

我们又收到一些没有MRB的PN类型的wafer,这已经是第三次发生了,请帮忙确认以后能否让他们在发送这些产品之前先把MRB给到我们? Once again we have received some PN type wafers which are without MRB, and this is the third time it happen...

I have tried to use two different kinds of paper materials to rub on the surface of wafer, trying to simulate the situation in the transportation and transfering engineering . The results show that no matter what kind of materi...

The experiment has been completed in fifth phases, workshop and warehouse are found not to scratch the problem, QC full inspection found a scratch. Now the products have been returned to the warehouse waiting for input.

2 Chome-86 Numa Yao-shi, Ōsaka-fu 581-0036, Japan.

1. Is there any malfunction of the device? 2. I remember that you have conducted inspections during the operation, why haven't you identified the defect of this batch? 第二句态度比较强硬,如果需要可以帮你修改。

According to the information from the system, the product EHE38085 belongs to the type PS, and there are 17 wafers in total. For the product EHE38085A, which is type PN, there are 4 wafers in total. Therefore we would like to c...

I have three birthday wishes: I wish I could be his only one, with him always by my side I wish I could become an independent lady I wish my family and friends good health

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