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请高手帮忙把下面翻译成英语,谢谢 这个世界上没有...

This has great risk in leading to clients' complaint.

全部被撕掉了。 These boxes will be temporarily stored in the company's warehouse, and then the little red is responsible for the returned to the third floor of the warehouse. The results of validation is the label on the box we...

首先,这个返回的频率最多是一周一回。=>正确的翻译为: Firstly, frequencies return once a week mostly. 在此提醒,英语翻译要用人翻比较准确,不能用机器来,那样根本就不准确的。 【记得采纳?

Mühlbachstr. 54 Isny im Allgäu Bebelstraße 86 7 Worms Schulstrasse 4 Möhlin, Aarau Hintergasse 1 Rheinfelden Mühlbachstr。54 Isny的 Bebelstraße867 蠕虫 Schulstrasse4 默林,阿劳 Hintergasse1 莱茵费尔登

2 Chome-86 Numa Yao-shi, Ōsaka-fu 581-0036, Japan.

The result of the first time test must be the same as that(result) of the 2nd time(test). 括号部分是生活或者替代的实词。 第一个that就是替代result,因为这句话里面已经提及过一次result, 所以为了避免重复,所以用that替代了。 第二个t...

Room 504 Building 1, Dongfang Xiwang Center NO.333 , North of Yizhou road Hight tech district of Chengdu City, Sichuan Province.

The person in charge is Xiaohong who has just been moved QC from production.

楼主一看就工厂中人,做生产工艺的? We got one plan after discussed with Hendy last year. considering that we put the wafer by manual, we will use the recyling parts for the equipment in order to resolve the problem and cost red...

I have tried to use two different kinds of paper materials to rub on the surface of wafer, trying to simulate the situation in the transportation and transfering engineering . The results show that no matter what kind of materi...

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