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全程服务 英文

The officers in this project can deal with several kinds of foreign languages, also they are possessed with rich experience who will offer you an A-Z service for your investment.

whole journey worry-free service

All process electronic monitoring 【全程电子监视】,Comprehensive service for you【为您周全服务】

1 肯得基服务员与顾客的暴笑对话~(超级幽默) 我:“欢迎光临” 顾客:“给我一个深海鲨鱼堡的那个套餐” 我:“厄……先生,不好意思,没有鲨鱼堡,深海鳕鱼堡可以吗?” 顾客:“碍…没有啦,那就来那个鳕鱼堡吧”(心里还很不情愿) 我:“.……”(靠,你...

his heart "I gave

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