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angry; irritated;annoyed;stress;stressedout 英语中所有表示情绪的单词 英语中所有表示情绪的单词有哪些? 有追加分 来自匿名用户的提问 最佳答案由提问者推荐 1. Loves 2. Likes 3. Happy 4. Excited 5. Happy 6. Anticipates 7. Thinks o...

angry是形容词,生气的 anger是名词,生气

生气 : [ shēng qì ] 1. mad 2. offended 3. angry 4. to get angry 5. to be enraged 6. to take offense


Of course, a matter of life will always be accompanied by more or less their own. Remember that small, because the desks will always be a dispute over the area, some time will be a big argument with gas. In order to make even o...

anger, indignation, fury, wrath 这些名词均含“愤怒”之意。 1.anger :普通用词,通常指因受到侮辱、损害、指责或顶撞等而引起的愤怒。 例如:She isswift to anger. (她爱生气。) He is quivering with anger. (他气得全身发抖。) 2.indig...

Why should I angry? 满意请采纳,谢谢,希望可以帮到您 angry ['æŋgrɪ] adj. 生气的;愤怒的;狂暴的;(伤口等)发炎的 should [ʃʊd] aux. 应该;就;可能;将要

angry 英 [ˈæŋgri] 美 [ˈæŋɡri] adj. 生气的; 愤怒的,发怒的; (颜色等) 刺目的; (伤口等) 发炎的; [例句]She had been very angry at the person who stole her new bike 她很生气有人偷走了她的新自行车。 ...

如果你再这样我就生气了 If you do that again, I'll get angry.

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