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时光机 Time machine 《时光机》是台湾摇滚乐团五月天的第四张专辑,发行于2003年11月11日。这张专辑也是五月天复出后的首张专辑,由团员包办了整张专辑的词曲创作。2004年5月8日,凭借这张专辑,五月天获得了2004年第十五届台湾金曲奖最佳乐团。

Sit on time machine, shuttle in any place any time

If I were fortunate enough to be able to travel back to the past, I would like to take a rescue team to Zhu Jiang River in Guangzhou on March, 1st, 2013 when and where Zheng Yilong had rescued the drowning man at a price of his...

A world without a time machine, has become a memory of the past, we have to face the present and the future smile

时光机 - 葛政 词:葛政 曲:葛政 编曲:潘高峰 我想造一台时光机来回忆 回忆当初快乐的我和你 请让我的歌曲唱进你的心 请让时间停留在美好的幸福里 回忆 我要带你走向时光机 带你看一看属于我们未来的风景 穿越时空只为我们的曾经 请给我一台时...


time machine-ingrid michaelson

原车名:DeLorean DMC-12 《回到未来》中的名字:DeLorean DMC-12 Time Machine

if i have a time machine, i'd like to go back to the past to prevent some terrible events from happening. For example, the wars, I'll bring the results about the harm which the wars brought to people and the world peace. Beside...

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