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Martin Jensen - Solo Dance I came to party on my own Don't need nobody in my zone

Baby,Come To Me

歌名《Making Love Out Of Nothing At All 》 Making Love Out Of Nothing At All 作词:Steinman, Jim 作曲:Steinman, Jim I know just how to whisper 我明白如何耳语 And I know just how to cry 也明白如何哭喊 I know just where to find ...


1when you re gone


Bleeding love Leona lewis Closed off from love 从爱情中解脱 I didn’t need the pain 我不想再痛苦 Once or twice was enough 一两次就足够 And it was all in vain 但这都是徒劳 Time starts to pass 时间开始流逝 Before you know it you’r...

Justin Bieber的baby 猫头鹰之城的 GOLD吧 望采纳

不知是不是uh oh

你好,你问的歌词里有的是不是 kissing you baby? 女子组合唱的歌吧。

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