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可以写的轻松一些。 Hey, michael(写对方的名字) It's been a while since I sent you the invoices that i need you recheck for me. How's that going? I'll really appeciate if i could recieve your reply before this Friday(时间也可...

跟催一下事情的进展 follow up the progress of something: 一般的跟踪 push the progress of something 催促进展 urge something. urge是很着急的催促


How's it going? it代指所询问的事件。

XX, It's very nice of you to check the question I asked you several days ago. And now I want to know how it goes and whether you have got the result. If you have, please tell me as soon as possible. Thank you sincerely again. XX

I am just wondering if you have received my previous email. I am sending it again just in case you might not have got it yet. If this product does not meet your current requirements, it would be nice of you to keep it in your d...

打电话给另外一个领导 跟他说:我的领导请使用E-mail跟您询问工作进度,请X领导给我您的E-mail好让我方便跟你作询问

Dear(考官的名字), I appreciated your invitation for the interview in your company and enjoyed having conversation with you, especially about (可以写一些你们交谈的精彩内容). I just want to mention that I was pleasantly surpris...

可以用被动语态“Your post has been received.” 也可以用主动语态“I have received your mail.” “I'll tell/inform you(let you know) immediately if it works/moves.”口语化 有进展还可以短语表示: make headway make progress get along get...


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