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Made in China 首字母要大写

made in China

made in china

中国制造!英语是made in China。 例句: This ship was made in China. 这艘轮船是中国制造的。 A part of them are made in china. 其中有一部分是中国制造的。 They have compared the TV sets made in China with those made in japan. 他们...

你好! 中国制造 Made in China

中国制造 [词典] [经] made in china; [例句]这艘轮船是中国制造的。 This ship was made in China.


一、“中国制造2025”英文为"Made in China 2025"。 二、新华社的报道: the future of manufacturing, the "Made in China 2025" plan, will be unveiled in the near future, an insider told Xinhua on Monday.知情人士27日向新华社透露,“中国...

made in China C大写

中国制造 made in China

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