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Ella Henderson-GLOW Kanye West,DWele-Flashing Lights

2015维密泳装秀歌曲 1、Maroon 5 -- Sugar 2、Juanes -- Juntos (Together) 3、Maroon 5 -- Animals

维多利亚的秘密2015泳装大片背景音乐是《I Knew You Were Trouble》。 歌名:《I Knew You Were Trouble》 歌手: The Karaoke Channel 专辑:《The Karaoke Channel - Sing I Knew You Were Trouble Like Taylor Swift》 发行时间:2012年10月9...

Ella Henderson-GLOW Kanye West,DWele-Flashing Lights

moves like jagger---maroon 5 animals---maroon 5 sugar---maroon 5

◥看到∽噢┆名 职Γ请彩纳


魔力红乐队的《sugar》? 2015#维多利亚的秘密#泳装特别节目,倾情献声了Sugar和Animals(不插电),分别在13:30和37:40登常这应该是Sugar第一次电视直播的现场吧,发挥很不错

Nothing - Lenka That's the space in the world What you used to be And it will never never never be filled When death call your name And it took you from me You should never never never believe That I could go on alone Cause now...

1:sugar 2:animals

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