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AFFECt to sth

effect是名词;affect是动词。故effect sth是错误的。

effect 是名词,“影响”,搭配短语:have an effect on sth.=have an influence on sth.对··有影响 affect 是动词,“影响”,直接跟宾语,affect sth...


亲爱的楼主: The wine is said to have a nurishing effect on the skin too. 据说这种酒对皮肤有滋养作用。The drug I've been taking so long doesn't have any effect on me. 我吃这种药这么长时间了,一点效果也没有。The surroundings in ...

Do you think the world will be able to feed its growing population in the future? Why or why not? What’s your opinion on food safety? ...

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