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Justin Bieber - All Around the World You're beautiful' beautiful' you should know it (You're beautiful' beautiful' you should know it) I think it's time' think it's time that you show it You're beautiful' beautiful Baby what ...

你居然让我看到这个问题了呀。 英国的Travis乐队,曾经Coldplay都推荐他们的。 这首歌叫《Closer》好多年前经常听的。 Closer 歌手:Travis I've had enough Of this parade I'm thinking of The words to say We open up Unfinished parts Brok...

Closer 的remix 歌名完整的是 Justin Caruso The Chainsmokers Halsey - Closer(Justin Caruso Remix)

saturday - Basshunter


Juline - Getting Closer We′ve pressed play but there ain′t no button for rewinding Me on my side of the bed contemplating another try I still love you and want to keep you close through the nights I′ve hesitated and kept my dis...


...free loop 烂大街了都

一半 - 薛之谦 词:薛之谦 曲:李荣浩 多平淡 所以自己刻意为难 多遗憾 被抛弃的人没喜感 像被人围起来 就特别放不开 都在期待 角色要坏 别委屈了人才 别期待 伤人的话变得柔软 也别揭穿 剧透的电影不好看 隔墙有只耳朵 嘲笑你多难过 你越反驳 ...

pen pineapple apple pen

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