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givE A thumBs up是什么意思

give a thumbs up 竖起大拇指 例句 1.Or you could add a column called Vote, where team members give a thumbs-up or thumbs-down for each item. 您还可以添加一个称为“投票”的列,工作组成员可以为其中的各个项添加赞成或反对批注。 2.So t...

humbs-up 英[ˌθʌmz'ʌp] 美[ˌθʌmbzˈʌp] n. (表示赞成或满意) 翘拇指; 例句与用法 1. The driver grinned and gave me a thumbs - up sign 司机对我笑了笑,竖起大拇指。 2. We are all gave jack ' s advic...

互相点赞短语这么说可不可以give a thumbs up to each other 我看到国外论坛上老外用like 来表示赞 就是用,like each other

thumbsup 1. N-SING竖起大拇指(表示赞成或满意) A thumbs-up or a thumbs-up sign is a sign that you make by raising your thumb to show that you agree with someone, that you are happy with an idea or situation, or that everything is...

Thumb是拇指Thumbs是拇指的复数 右前后文么?单独来看是竖起大拇指的意思。

thumbs-up [英][ˌθʌmz'ʌp][美][ˌθʌmbzˈʌp] n.(表示赞成或满意)翘拇指; 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句: 1. Once in court, he gave a thumbs-up to associates in the public gallery. 他一出现在法庭,就向旁...


【thumbs-up-sign】 【竖起拇指】 例句:"Very friendly people, " he said, and gave the thumbs-up sign. “人民非常友好。”他翘着大拇指说。 He appeared calm and spoke with his attorneys with ease, at one point, giving them a thumbs-u...

口语,表示太棒了的意思。 Two(两),Thumb(拇指),Up(向上)。想象一下如果别人双手将大拇指举起来是不是在表扬你啊?:)


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