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go Biking对而是go BikE为什么错

go bike riding去骑车 My wife and I go bike riding every sunday.我和我太太每周日去骑脚踏车。 On weekends we often go bike riding and have ...

You are too young to go biking. too...to...是词组,太...而... 骑自行车你还太年轻。


小题1:C小题1:A小题1:B小题1:C小题1:A 小题1:根据I spent my last summer vacation in Thailand.可知选C小题1:根据Thai people are very helpful. They helped me a lot during traveling. 描述,可知泰国人有友好.故选A小题1:根据Their history...

go surfing, mountain biking,,snow boarding,logging. do team sports,track field,water sports,karate,

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