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i Am so sAD

是《They》么? They[2] Artist(Band):Jem Who made up all the rules We follow them like fools Believe them to be t...

So Sad Tanic & Ric (Tel) RIC: Hi,baby,where have u been? i ve been called u for the past one week. Summer:Uh! why should I sopport to tell u, who are u? RIC:god! who am I? what''s wrong with u,baby? Summer:sorry! I gotta go, so...

line really is infinitely divisibl


i am so sad 我是如此的悲伤 双语例句 1. My girlfriend dumped me. I am so sad because she a total babe! 我的女朋友把我甩了. 我太难过了,因为她是个大美人. 来自互联网 2. I can't bear for myself to up you, I am so sad to leave you. ...

有一首里面有这样的: baby why I feel so sad,so sad。Baby why I feel so sad。 我也不记得了哈哈,可能和你的这首不一样吧

you are my everything 你是我的全部 and you have to know 而你必须知道 I just can't waiting for a moment 我一分一秒都无法等待 and I love you so 如此的爱你 oh baby you are my everything 你是我的一切 but I have to say 但我必须说 I ...


wonderful u

这首歌的歌名是:《sorry seems to be the hardest word》,中文译为:《抱歉太难》或《难说抱歉》。 歌名:《sorry seems to be the hardest word》 演唱乐队:BLUE 作词:Elton John 作曲:Elton John 歌词: What have I gotta do to make yo...

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