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口红是Pat McGrath ‘Lust 004 Kit 色号为Vermillion Venom


维新 宫 众 浩“小众英文歌NO1”里 发 颂 I Don't Wanna Live Forever 有 夏 再 恋 接

Been sitting, eyes wide open behind these four walls hoping you'd call 原地安坐 睁大双眼 当你看清这四壁无望的绝境时希望你会打给我 It's just a cruel existence like there's no point hoping at all 这绝境一如那看不到希望的生活 Baby...

Love Me Like You Do - Ellie Goulding You're the light, you're the night You're the color of my blood You're the cure, you're the pain You're the only thing I wanna touch Never knew that it could mean so much, so much You're the...

艺人:Sibel 歌名:Sorry 专辑:Diving Belle


歌名:I Don't Want To Live Without You 演唱者:Foreigner I find myself in a strange situation, and I don't know how What seemed to be an infatuation, is so different now I can't get by if we're not together, ooh can't you see G...


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