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歌曲名:I Never Knew 歌手:Peggy Lee 专辑:Love Songs Gloria Gaynor I Never Knew ( 2002 US 5-track promo CD Single ) It's really been a long time Since I let somebody hold me Since I felt safe in somebody's arms, emm emm You were ...

I Can't Get You Off Of My Mind

以下是歌词及译文,你可以自己理解 作曲 : AGA 作词 : AGA I never knew 我从未察觉 When the clock stopped and I'm looking at you 自己在凝视你...

What became of my second brother I never knew, any more than my father or mother knew what became of me. become of = happen to I never knew any more than =I knew as little as my father or mother knew ... 全句意思是,我不知道我...

before i met you i never knew what it was like;to look at someone and smile for no reason 在我遇见你之前,我从来不知道它是什么样子,看一个人和微笑,没有理由

是Back In Time 歌手:V.V. Brown 所属专辑:Travelling Like The Light I never knew a love could make me feel this way I'm praying that I'll see another light of day Because you got me falling on my beggin' knees I'm asking for a ...

你好! I never knew you were into ballet 我从来不知道你是芭蕾舞

歌曲名:I Never Knew Love 歌手:Olivia Newton-John 专辑:Gaia I Never Knew Love Lovi poe I open my eyes, only to see Just how sad this world could be That I often cry alone... oohhh I look at the sky, longing to see There's a chan...

答案: I never knew. I never know 再什么情况下都是是错的。必须是 I will never know / I can never know。 I will never know (我永远不会知道) I never knew (我从不知道)

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