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inCiDEnCE 和 morBiDity的区别

incidence [5insidEns] n. 落下的方式, 影响范围, [物理]入射 incidence in.ci.dence AHD:[¹n“s¹-d…ns] D.J.[6!ns!d*ns] K.K.[6!ns!d*ns] n.(名词) The act or an instance of happening; occurrence: 发生,出现:发生的行为或事件...

发病率,患病率 期间区别我也不知到,但是用morbidity更专业些

本文旨在用简单明了的阐述为本地区的肉鸡和蛋鸡的...Qigihar in broiler and layer morbidity level and...Qiqihaer area of high and low incidence of broilers...

Fluoride is human life is one of the essential trace elements. Adequate fluorine can make strong bones and teeth, dental caries, reduce morbidity...

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