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insect的下位词有很多,包括bee、butterfly、dragon fly、grasshopper、cricket、ant、termite等词。insect是昆虫的意思。 昆虫种类繁多、形态各异,是地球上数量最多的动物群体,在所有生物种类(包括原核生物、真菌、病毒)中占了超过50%,它...

可数名词,动物,昆虫的名词大多数是可数名词 例句: 1.The insect bit him and drew blood from his arm. 那只昆虫叮在他的手臂上吸血. 2.A cocoon is a kind of silk covering made by an insect. 蚕茧是由昆虫制造的一种由丝组成的外包层. 3.Sh...


insect英[ˈɪnsekt] 美[ˈɪnˌsɛkt] n.虫,昆虫; 卑鄙的人; 微贱的人,小人; adj.昆虫的; 卑劣的; [网络](n.) 昆虫; 昆虫; [例句]I felt an insect creeping up my leg. 我感觉到腿上有只虫在朝上爬。 [其他]复数:i...

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insect 英[ˈɪnsekt] 美[ˈɪnˌsɛkt] n. 虫,昆虫;卑鄙的人;微贱的人,小人 adj. 昆虫的;卑劣的 名词复数:insects [例句]Insect bites usually cause a small red bump. 昆虫叮咬通常都会导致皮肤起很小的红肿。

n. 昆虫;卑鄙的人

insect 英 [ˈɪnsekt] 美 [ˈɪnˌsɛkt] n. 虫,昆虫; 卑鄙的人; 微贱的人,小人; adj. 昆虫的; 卑劣的; [例句]Honeybees use one of the most sophisticated communication systems of any insect. 蜜蜂之间所用的交...

insect 英 [ˈɪnsekt] 美 [ˈɪnˌsɛkt] n. 虫,昆虫;卑鄙的人;微贱的人,小人 adj. 昆虫的;卑劣的 Many kinds of insect find their mates by scent. 许多昆虫通过气味找到交配对象。

My favourite insect is butterflies.They are very small and very beautiful.Do you know how it grows?First,it is a white egg.Next,it becomes a caterpillar.Then,it grows a cocoon.Finally,it is a butterfly!A butterfly is so interes...

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