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kEEp sB From 与kEEp sB AwAy From 有什么区别

keep sb from doing sth 防止某人做某事 keep sb away from 使某人远离

keep sb from ,指防止某人做某事,后面接动词。 keep sb away from,指使某人远离,后面接名字。 sb为缩写,全称为; somebody. keep somebody from 【双语例句】: 1、I won't get into definitions of what torture is but it would cause so...

keep away from 远离。。。 Keep away from the bad persons . keep ...from ... 阻止 Nothing can keep me (from ) realizing my dream . 祝学习进步,天天快乐!满意请采纳!有问题追问!谢谢!:)


keep sb away from danger = 使某人远离危险 一般不说keep sb from danger,而有keep sb safe from danger = 使某人安全脱离危险 可以从keep +sb(宾语)+其它(宾语补足语)结构来理解。keep sb from danger选用介词作keep的宾语补足语,比较少...

有点区别; keep sb safe from danger = 使某人安全脱离危险; keep sb away from danger = 使某人远离危险。


Please keep the little boy away from the boiling water. 请不要让那男孩接近滚烫的水.

keep sb from doing sth 阻止某人做某事 双语例句 1. At home, I came up with incompatible behaviors for Scott to keep him from crowding me while I cooked. 回到家,我为斯科特想出了互斥行为,让他在我做饭时不围着我转。 2. He is hosti...

keep sb being done: keep sb表示保持某人某一状态,being done是动词现在分词做形容,表示被完成,语义不大通顺 keep sb done 保持某人完成 ask sb to do sth 让某人做某事,动作是sb的 ask sb to be done ,让某人被做 楼主要学习一下被动语态 ...

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