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Alanis Morissette 的 Biding my life ,baby It took me some time but I’m on my way Learning to feel what you mean to me I’m going be strong , baby It won’t be too long till I’m back again I’m learning to see, I can now be free Ca...

lt always makes me feel boring 经常让我感到无聊。

lt makes them feel good to share things with others 与其他人共同分享,让他们感觉很棒。

Nana -lonely中文歌词 歌手:Nana 专辑:Nana Lonely I am lonely lonely lonely 我孤单,我好孤单. I am lonely lonely in my life 我的生活如此寂寞 ...

lt ________so nice a.feel b.feels c.feeling 答案 b.feels feels v. 摸索( feel的第三人称单数 ); 触; 深感; 以为; [网络] 感到; 感觉起来; 觉得; [例句]She feels guilty about spending less time lately with her two kids. 最近她和两个孩...

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