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写邮件的时候: pls kindly note 还是pls kindly noted? 还是pls be noted?哪个语法是对的?姐摆的不是渡 2015-01-23 10:01 我有更好的答案 1条回答 额 ...

Please noted Please be noted 两个从语法上说都是不正确的,中国式英语而已。 应该是一般用 pls (kindly) note that...比较好。

商业信函用语,意思是:请注意,如:please kindly noted the date of shipment before June 30

Pls kindly be informed 这句话一般用于电子邮件中,告知对方的一些信息。 望采纳!

advise 是动词,advice是名词。Please kindly advise. Thank you for the advice.

I've updated the order and pls figure out the total value and let me ...Please inform me as soon as you receive the payment so that I could ...

Please be kindly informed that 这是商务英语中常用语:字面意思是“请接受我们有好的通知关于 ”,其实,就是商家通知你一件什么事情,通常是交货延迟或者现在无货或者产品等需要升级了,等等。


hello ,pls kindly find the sales confirmation in the attachment.if there is...I am very sorry that i have been on a trip business for few days ...

Please kindly find xxx.的意思为“敬请查收/看”~~ Please kindly find the spreadsheets as attached. 敬请查收附件的电子表格。 一般给国外客人的附件我们都会这么表达。

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