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what is it like 它是什么样的 双语对照 词典结果: 网络释义 1. 这是怎样的一道菜 例句: 1. What is it like to switch from that mode to being a manager? 从凡事亲力亲为到自己当经理指挥别人,你对这样的角色转换有什么感受?

歌曲名:What I Like About You 歌手:The Romantics 专辑:Surf'S Up Music From The Motion Picture What I like about you ---Jon b Ft. Babyface by sleep4ever You have this way about you, that's so adorable, you have this way about you...

你想要点什么,这是普遍的交际用语 服装店,餐馆之类的因地而论,餐厅就是你想吃点什么


1. what...like what 是 介词 like 的宾语,如: * What does she look like? 她长得怎么样(即他看上去像什么)? * What did he live like?他生活的怎么样? 2. how...like how 是程度或方式状语,like 后必须跟有另外的宾语,如: * How does ...

What would you like? 你想要什么? 双语例句 1 What would you like as a birthday present? I'd like some flowers. 你想要什么作为一个生日礼物?我想要一些花。

what is sb like? 某人怎么样啊? 双语例句 1. Daniel : What is he like? 丹尼尔 :他人怎么样啊? 2. She has a round face and big black eyes. 7. What is he like? 她的脸圆圆的. 眼睛又大又黑。 7。 他是一个什么样的人?。

意思是你想要点什么?答句可以很多,如 I like a cup of coffee(我想要杯咖啡),a piece of bread(一块面包)或者 I like a cup of juice(我想要杯果汁), a piece of sandwich(一块三文治)、、、

What 's it like?的中文翻译 What 's it like? 这是什么样子? 这是什么感觉?

What does sb. look like? 用于提问人的长相、外貌,意为“他长得什么样?” “What's sb. like? ”用于提问人的性格、品质等,意为“他是个什么样的人?”。 试体会: —What does Cathy look like? 卡西长得什么样? —She's tall, and she has black h...

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