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歌曲名:What I Like About You 歌手:The Romantics 专辑:Surf'S Up Music From The Motion Picture What I like about you ---Jon b Ft. Babyface by sleep4ever You have this way about you, that's so adorable, you have this way about you...

what is it like 它是什么样的 双语对照 词典结果: 网络释义 1. 这是怎样的一道菜 例句: 1. What is it like to switch from that mode to being a manager? 从凡事亲力亲为到自己当经理指挥别人,你对这样的角色转换有什么感受?

like what 像什么

1. what...like what 是 介词 like 的宾语,如: * What does she look like? 她长得怎么样(即他看上去像什么)? * What did he live like?他生活的怎么样? 2. how...like how 是程度或方式状语,like 后必须跟有另外的宾语,如: * How does ...

what may you like 你喜欢什么 双语例句 1 May I know what you like? 请告诉我你看中了什么商品? 2 “ What little bird of scarlet plumage may this be? What kind of dressing would you like onthe salad? 长着这么鲜红羽毛的会是什么小鸟...

What would you like? 你想要什么? 双语例句 1 What would you like as a birthday present? I'd like some flowers. 你想要什么作为一个生日礼物?我想要一些花。

Everything about it makes no sense You're not that pretty and your hair is mess but I like you, yeah I like you When never you around I've just loose track and I feel like popping a bubble wrap coz I like you, yeah I like you I...

意思是你想要点什么?答句可以很多,如 I like a cup of coffee(我想要杯咖啡),a piece of bread(一块面包)或者 I like a cup of juice(我想要杯果汁), a piece of sandwich(一块三文治)、、、

what is..like 指人的品行 how is... 1.问天气 2.问身体 3....怎么样? what does..look like ? ...看起来像什么? how does..look 主要指外貌

like 喜欢 be like 问性格 look like 问外貌 be like 范围更大一些,有时候既问性格也问外貌 what does your mother like? 你妈妈喜欢什么? what is your mother like? 你妈妈什么性格? what does your mother look like? 你妈妈长什么样? ho...

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