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不用管它吧,这影响了你?这个可能是某个 JRE 补丁打上的。一般自动做的当然有它的理由,比如在这个配置下没有安全漏洞或能绕过某个已知的bug。


rather than 做连词时前后对等结构 另外rather than 还有介词词性 介词之后的动词要用-ing 形式 比如:Let's finish the job today,rather than leaving it till tomorrow. 让咱们今天干完工作,而不是留到明天。

深入海底 ---运用高科技探索泰坦尼克

skin deep You're telling me that I'm your queen That nothing matches me. You're making me feel like a dream The way you flatter me Are you just another fake Or something special? (Yeah, yeah, yeah) (Yeah, yeah, yeah) You're...

he same lethargy, I am afraid, characterizes the use of all our ... is the freshness of the deep springs of life. 热心网友| 发布于2016-...

Deep memories that I immersed's cannot extricate oneself, can only use pain awakened

$_POST = array_map('stripslashes_deep', $_POST); $_GET = array_map...if(MEMORY_LIMIT_ON) $GLOBALS['_startUseMems'] = memory_get_usage();...

fung. Love me please deep love. Don't use my sincerely to deceive my feelings for you. I believe you really love me.

every one has a wound,i bury the red blood there.sometimes deep and ...every one has an experience of love,i hide my hottest mood there.use ...

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