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These are white socks. What are these ?

坎迪空着绿色短裤,她的袜子是白的,她的鞋是蓝色的. 我等着你采纳哟,不明还可以追问的,嘻嘻!

这个句子有问题3.Them are lovely socks.改为They are lovely socks. 连词成句 1.Books are a bit dirty. 2.Here is fat lovely cat.要是有个a 就好了 3.Put the cuboared in the plate.

c socks是复数,用are,下面的代词用they

1. 天气: warm, hot, windy, sunny, rainy2. 衣物: jeans, shorts, socks, shirt, skirt3. 颜色: white, blue, red, yellow, pink4. 课程: Chinese,P.E., math, English, music

where are my socks ?mine are here. but l don't know yours .Peter my socks are bi(l)ack and white. but yours are green and yellow ....

白色过膝袜可翻译为“the white overknee socks”。 knee [英][ni:][美][ni] n.膝; 膝盖; vt.用膝盖碰; 例句: 1、I sat in the back of ...

Welcome to White Pines Forest. This is one of the most beautiful places... shoes or boots, and take along an extra (额外的) pair of socks. ...

中学生白袜子 英文:Middle school student white socks 或者:High school students white socks

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