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you hAD onE joB什么意思

you had one job 你有一份工作了 you [英][ju][美][jə] pron.你; 你们,您们; 各位; 大家; had [英][həd][美][hæd] v.有( have的过去式和过去分词 ); (亲属关系中)接受; 拿; 买到; one [英][wʌn][美][wʌn] num.(...

job one 第一项工作

Nowadays more and more young people are going to study abroad. Like everything else, studying abroad has both favorable and unfavorable aspects. Generally, the favorable aspects can be listed as follows. Firstly, they think by ...

Suppose you have two options upon graduation: one is to find a job ...对于本科生来说,决定毕业工作之后做什么毫不夸张的说是一个艰难的决定。从我...

have successfully done one's job:顺利完成任务 have successfully done one's job:顺利完成任务

标准答案: what's one's job? 例: what's your job? 等于 what do(does) sb do? 例:what do you do? 等于 what be sb? 此题考查近义的三个句型的用法. 我是英语老师,答案肯定没错.

选C 为什么在你已经有了这么好的一份工作后还想找新工作?

ok。比如说 He / she is the one (= person) . He / she offered you a job in Australia .

41. B。由上文的My previous job ... 45 miles to work, one-way和The ...由第四段中Jayna所说的I could not have put myself back together again和fa...

A:Hi , long time no see. What are you going? B: I'm working in a art shop during these days.A:You are kidding. Isn't your major,english? B:Yes,but I would like working as a artist after I graduate from school. As you know, I li...

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