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you hAD onE joB什么意思

you had one job 你有一份工作了 you [英][ju][美][jə] pron.你; 你们,您们; 各位; 大家; had [英][həd][美][hæd] v.有( have的过去式和过去分词 ); (亲属关系中)接受; 拿; 买到; one [英][wʌn][美][wʌn] num.(...

按照字面来说(实际上),你只有一份工作you,literally,had just one job 外语学习

job one 第一项工作

have successfully done one's job:顺利完成任务 have successfully done one's job:顺利完成任务

阿狸 脑科学以及心理学研究发现浪漫的爱情是一种生物程序。有关爱的行为都是源于多种吸引力(魅力及主要组织相容性复合体等),通过激素起作用所主导,所有疯狂的行为只为了把基因传递给后

1 (时间)Please talk about the importance of time. What’s your view on it? time is money, what do you think of it A proverb says,"...

标准答案: what's one's job? 例: what's your job? 等于 what do(does) sb do? 例:what do you do? 等于 what be sb? 此题考查近义的三个句型的用法. 我是英语老师,答案肯定没错.

to one's job 对一个人的工作 双语对照 例句: 1. To which one answer is: if you think europe is worth it, it's your job to convince yourdad. 一种答案是:如果你认为欧洲值得这么做,那说服你爸爸就看你的了。 2. It is difficult to pres...

The one who (offered) you a job in Australia. Did Andy (slip) and fall downstairs just now? He said he (had) just arrived in China. He is the man (who) lives next door. The young girl with (whom) I traveled could speak Japanese...

My View on Job-Hopping 范文一: "You resigned again? What's your new job? ..." Job-...

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