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you piECE oF shit

You piece of shit! 你个狗屎!(骂人的话) piece n.件;篇;片;块;作品;碎片 v.修补;拼合,凑合 例句 用作名词 (n.) The book is a fine piece of scholarship. 这部书是一件优秀的学术成果。 This is an elegant piece of writing. 这篇东...


piece of shit 屎块;屎堆;简直是 例句 1.Like a comedic SONG, like a joking LIFE, both are a piece of SHIT. 喜剧一般的歌,笑话一般的人生,都是大便一坨。 2.I got to play around in the turret for a while, and T72's are a piece of ...

you piece of crap...

You're fucking piece of shit 你就是TM一坨屎 ( 英语常见的骂人的话)

You out! You shit! Fuck you!

当然有,如果是you are f***ing 的宾语是piece of s***的话,要加a you are f***ing a piece of s*** 如果是f***做形容词修饰piece的话,也要加a you are a f***ing piece of s***



fucking是艹。you就不解释了。Fuck you the fucking fucker!你他妈的真混蛋! Get the fucking my way!他妈的给我滚! What the hell did you see that?我靠,你看到了吗? What the hell is wrong with you?我靠,你到底怎么了? You're fu...

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